Protect Your Oral Health with Gentle yet Effective Dental Extractions

It’s the wish of everyone to keep their teeth for life. We understand this, and that’s why we offer multiple preventive and restorative dental treatments to keep your teeth in great shape. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, there are cases when dental extraction is necessary to preserve your oral well-being. 

If you are in Sioux City, Iowa, and have been told your tooth needs removal, you have nothing to worry about. Dr. Joshua Hindman and his team at Hindman Family Dentistry offer gentle and safe dental extractions to restore dental health. After extraction, we also provide teeth replacement options to halt the effects of tooth loss. 

Why tooth extraction is necessary

Dr. Hindman only recommends dental extraction if your tooth is beyond restoration. We try everything possible to save teeth, but in the cases such as those listed below, extraction is usually the best treatment.

You need tooth removal if:

  • Your tooth is severely damaged or decayed
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth
  • Your tooth impedes orthodontic treatment
  • You have advanced gum disease
  • You have an ankylosed baby tooth
  • Your tooth causes overcrowding

Dental extraction is the last thing you want, but removing troublesome teeth prevents infections from spreading to the nearby teeth. Additionally, tooth removal reduces oral pain and allows you to replace your bothersome tooth with predictable tooth replacements like dental implants.

Dental extraction: What to expect

The first step is examining your tooth to determine if extraction is the best treatment. If extraction is deemed necessary, we’ll discuss different teeth replacement options. We aim to prevent potential complications or challenges from tooth loss after the extraction procedure.

The procedure of dental extraction begins with numbing your tooth to minimize discomfort. If your tooth is visible above the gum line, a simple extraction is sufficient to remove it. After gentle back-and-forth movements to loosen the tooth, our dentist uses forceps to pull it from its socket. After removing your tooth, we place a gauze pad on the extraction site to minimize bleeding. We may also recommend pain relief medication and the use of ice packs on your cheeks to alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

If your tooth is impacted or broken at the gum line level, you’ll need a surgical extraction. Your dentist will make a small incision on your gums to expose the tooth. Usually, your tooth is broken into small fragments to reduce soft tissue trauma. After removing every piece, your dentist cleans and sutures the surgical site to kick-start healing. The final step is to give you aftercare instructions for smooth recovery.

Maintain your smile and oral health with safe dental extractions.

When dental extractions are necessary, you can trust Dr. Hindman and his team for gentle treatment. If you have a problematic tooth in Sioux City, IA, and its environs, please call (712) 274-2228 to book a consultation with the team at Hindman Family Dentistry.