The Power of Preventive Dental Care with Routine Dental Cleanings

Maintaining optimal dental health begins at home. Brushing, flossing, oral rinses and a healthy diet are the foundation of healthy teeth and gums. However, although you may practice near-perfect at-home dental care, you need the help of a dentist. Hindman Family Dentistry in Sioux City, Iowa, offers professional dental cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Teeth cleanings (dental prophylaxis) remove built-up plaque and tartar to prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

What to expect during dental cleaning

Dental cleanings begin with a comprehensive dental exam. We visually examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer, gum disease, cavities, and other abnormalities. If you are due for dental x-rays, we take them to visualize the oral structures beneath the gum line. 

After a dental exam, the actual teeth cleaning starts with the help of a dental hygienist. The dental hygienist uses a dental scaler to remove built-up plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from your teeth. The time taken to clean your teeth depends on how much dental calculus has built up on your teeth.

After removing all plaque and tartar, we use a high-powered toothbrush and gritty toothpaste to polish your teeth. Then, we expertly floss your teeth to remove any remaining debris. 

The treatment takes 30-60 minutes but the benefits last many years. 

The benefits of professional dental cleanings

Brushing and flossing are vital in removing food debris and harmful bacteria from your mouth. Be sure to maintain and practice consistent care! However, even with diligent at-home dental care, you need professional help to remove dental calculus from hard-to-reach spots in your mouth. 

If you’re thinking about skipping your next semiannual dental appointment, reconsider. It’s important to keep up with your dental check-ups. Dental cleanings offer many benefits. Some include:

  • Preventing cavities, decay, and gum disease
  • Keeping your breath fresh 
  • Protecting your overall body
  • They are cost-effective in the long-run
  • Removing unsightly dental calculus and surface stains keeps your smile beautiful
  • Dental cleanings prepare you for other dental treatments like teeth whitening

Don’t wait until you are in pain to see a dentist — visit us every six months to prevent, detect, and treat problems before they advance. Due for a dental cleaning? Call (712) 274-2228 to schedule an appointment with Hindman Family Dentistry. Dr. Joshua Hindman and the team will help you achieve your oral wellness goals.