Put Your Best Smile Forward with Durable, Natural-looking Dental Veneers

For many of us, there is something we don’t like about our smiles. Perhaps, it’s the chips and cracks after years of using your teeth, making your smile look dull and tired. Or it could be the stains you’ve picked due to your love of coffee or red wine. If you’re looking in the mirror and wishing the chips, gaps, cracks, and stains on your teeth could disappear, cosmetic dentistry can make your dream a reality. Hindman Family Dentistry in Sioux City, Iowa, places dental veneers to cosmetically improve chipped, stained, or otherwise flawed teeth. 

How dental veneers can benefit your smile

Dental veneers can work magic for your smile. Some patients need a complete set of veneers, while others only need one or two for a complete transformation. Dental veneers combine the esthetics of Invisalign, teeth whitening, and dental bonding to deliver a stunning smile. Whether you want to lengthen, brighten, or straighten your teeth, dental veneers can help you achieve your goals.

We place dental veneers after a careful assessment of your smile. Our goal isn’t just to erase the smile flaws. We consider your oral function, facial features, personality, and other attributes to custom-make dental veneers only suited for YOU! Our carefully selected veneers deliver customized results that look and feel natural.

Types of dental veneers

Dental veneers come in different sizes and shapes to cater to different patients’ needs. Here are the different types of veneers.

  • Porcelain veneers: Traditional veneers are thin shells of porcelain placed on your front teeth to improve their appearance. Porcelain veneers involve removing a small amount of your enamel to create space for the veneers. Then we scan your teeth to create your custom veneers. Once ready, dental veneers are bonded to your teeth using dental cement and stay in place for 10-plus years. 
  • Lumineers: They are made from a special type of ceramic material that is very thin, usually about 0.2 to 0.3 millimeters thick. Unlike porcelain veneers, no enamel shaving is required for Lumineers. Dental Lumineers are bonded directly to your teeth to correct tooth discoloration, chips, misalignment, and gaps

Most patients worry about their appearance after veneer treatment. Modern dental veneers are more natural looking than ever. Once in place, no one will tell you have undergone a smile enhancement. All people will see is a stunning yet natural-looking smile.

Dental veneers near me

Dr. Joshua Hindman and his team are here to assist you in achieving your ideal smile, whether you desire to alter the color, shape, size, or spacing of your teeth. Call (712) 274-2228 to schedule your smile consultation today to determine whether dental veneers are the best treatment to enhance your smile.